Protect Your Investment With Protective Waterproofing

Protect Your Investment With Protective Waterproofing

Concrete waterproofing services in Westminster and Denver, CO

Waterproofing allows you to make porous concrete into a water-resistant and crack-resistant surface. Concrete waterproofing provides a number of benefits for residential, commercial and industrial customers alike. With our specialists on your side, you can:

  • Prevent surfaces from seeing stains and cracks
  • Protect foundations and important supplies
  • Prevent moisture from entering from under a building

Reese Contracting waterproofs parking decks, basements, tunnels, schools, hospitals and other areas and surfaces. We offer below grade waterproofing systems such as damproofing, waterproofing, rigid foam insulation and drain board. No matter where you need to prevent moisture, you can call the specialists at Reese Contracting for the job.

Reese Contracting offers a number of waterproof coating solutions to match the needs of your concrete. Whether you’re looking to protect your basement floor or the foundation of your business, you can rest assured we will meticulously apply a waterproofing solution to prevent any further damage from moisture. Get in touch with Reese Contracting for basement and foundation waterproofing in Westminster and Denver, CO right now to discuss your specific needs.